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Low muscle tone (hypotonia)
Drop foot
Weakened dorsiflexors
Sagittal plane instability


Significant spasticity
Tight heel cords
Fixed deformities of the foot
Tight peroneals

SureStep Pullover

The SureStep Pullover is an amazing tool that not only facilitates improved stability of the foot and ankle complex using a SureStep SMO, but it is also the only SMO that incorporates a true dorsiflexion assist through the use of a removable proximal strut. This allows for the use of the device as a SureStep SMO, whenever proximal support or dorsiflexion assist is not necessary. Suitable for patients up to 80 lbs.

When appropriate, the proximal strut can be attached easily and the PullOver becomes a free-motion, dorsiflexion assist AFO. The PullOver is a perfect solution for many children with mild hemiplegia, or for children with hypotonia that need just a little bit of additional help into dorsiflexion.